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Microporous Insulation  

These high thermally efficient range of insulation products are ideally placed for utilisation within an extensive range of applications

Innovative thermal insulation continues to gain importance. Not only in view of limited energy resources and rising costs, but especially new technologies with specific insulation requirements, we see an increasing demand for tailor made solutions in the low, as well as high temperature range.

In this respect, demands made on thermal materials include the continual reduction of thermal conductivity as well as reduced layer thicknesses.  Handling must be simple whilst at the same time not pose a health risk.

We offer customers our individual consultation and engineering services to establish a solution for their thermal insulation problems.


Nanotechnology is one of the
Keys to Innovation

The highly efficient insulating effect of our products is based on a microporous fumed silica. When this is compressed, a microporous cell structure is formed. Contact between individual particles occurs at only a few points.

Increase the size of your furnace,
Increase productivity, Increase efficiency

Microporous products allow thermal insulation with the lowest possible thicknesses in furnace design. This drastically maximises the usable volume and reduces required energy due to its outstanding thermal retention capacity.

See how the use of Microporous can actually increase productivity by increasing the size of your furnace.



Microporous Board / Microporous Flex
Installation and Application

Microporous Board is used where a highly effective, but at the same time, a thin boundary is required between heat and cold.

The application process for this proven line of products is within the high temperature range between 400°C and 1050°C. These products consist of rigid panels.





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