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Refurbishment of Kettle Setting (Premelter)

The following case study outlined below is a demonstration of the refurbishment of a furnace with the integration of Microporous insulation panels.

Due to Microporous having such a low thermal conductivity, this in turn allows the walls of the furnace to be much thinner (Up to 25% in many cases) than if traditional fire insulation bricks alone were used.

To see the straight forward facts of low thermal conductivity.






Integration of Microporous into an existing furnace
to replace the old Ceramic Fibre products with a more efficient insulation product, reducing energy costs and providing the platform for the introduction of more durable refractory products thereby enhancing lining life.

Excellent lining performance encouraged our customer to invest in their additional furnaces.

Extensive technical support was maintained for the customer, with the support of thermal calculations to ensure appropriate thickness' were introduced for maximum effectiveness.

Building of side walls consisting of Microporous insulating brick and High Duty fire brick
  Layer in between Microporous and High Duty Fire Bricks are back filled with Calcium Silicate (cut slabs).
  Continuation of the side walls, allowing for the formers of the burners.
Burners ready for casting
Casting of burner tunnels complete
Burner tunnels completed / viewing from outside the setting



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