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25% the thickness compared to conventional insulation materials

The highly efficient insulating effect of our products is based on a microporous fumed silica.

The Advantages:

  • Heat transfer due to solids conduction is minimal in a microporous structure.
  • Heat transfer through convection, eg by encapsulated air, is therefore prevented.
  • Heat transfer through radiation is reduced to a minimum.

In this way, it is possible to achieve much higher efficiency in comparison to conventional materials like mineral fibres, lightweight refractory bricks or inorganic insulation panels.

Low Thermal Conductivity Can Only
Result in One Thing

As the graph opposite clearly demonstrates, the comparison with conventional materials reveals the advantages of this new thermal insulation material. Larger Capacity!
The Key Facts
Comparison of Thermal Insulation Materials
The Effectiveness

Microporous High Performance Insulation Board

As can be clearly seen, the Thermal Conductivity of Microporous is 3 times less conductive than that of Glass Fibre.


Microporous Board

As the diagrams below clearly demonstrate, the thermal qualities of microporous products vastly reduce the amount of effective insulation required.


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