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State-of-the-art Performance Insulation  

Based on our own research, technology and customer input, Jay's permanently stocks innovative and unique insulation products. This includes very individual problem solutions and systems, which are integrated into large series productions.

Jay's product program offers ideal solutions for almost all temperature ranges. This can be temperatures from cryogenic to the cooling range, or from the ambient temperature to the area of more than 1100 °C.

Microporous insulation offers "state-of-the-art" - solutions for your thermal insulation problem.

To create space and save energy is our goal.

In the relevant temperature ranges, our products represent the most modern insulating materials available on the market. We offer the chance to save energy enormously and supply impressively efficient insulation in a very small area.


In addition to our existing product lines, we offer individually tailored solutions and engineer services to our customers.

Typical applications already solved with Jay's products:

commercial- and domestic appliances · ceramic hobs · industrial ovens · temperature controlled packaging · building & construction · steel industry · automotive industry · off-shore oil production · aerospace



Installation and Application
Microporous Insulation – in the Steel Industry    


The quality requirement for insulation application in the steel industry, for example steel ladles, tundishes or vacuum ladles for steel treatment are very high. Parallel to this development, the requirements for utilisable volume is increasing. The brick linings are thinner. Therefore it is necessary to insulate the parts very efficient. Read More...


In the aluminium industry the melting furnace is an important processing component of primary or secondary aluminium. It is essential that an optimal temperature distribution is inside the furnace around the melt in all ranges, in order to keep a homogeneous liquid. Read More...

The processing industry, for example the automotive industry, expects a high level of flexibility and low costs of the supplying industry. Read More...

The microporous heat-insulating material for industrial applications, for example the building and construction of industrial furnaces. . Read More...
Heat resistant data carriers can be used in process steps, where the data memory is exposed to higher temperatures than 85°C.. Read More...
Fire protection with microporous is not a combustible thermal insulation material of JRS. Read More...
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